AMERICA may be the mightiest country on the planet, but in the 21st century it teeters on the edge of a gigantic financial mess - a mess easily described by the relationship between its soft-touch President and the Giant - a bloated national debt that keeps on growing.

Barack's path to the presidency is fraught with pitfalls and annoyances - like his encounters with George Dubya, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, IMF boss Christine Lagarde, and the dreaded rating agencies.

Add to that a mix of directionless politicians, crabby lawyers, bewildered regulators, and single-minded bankers and the powder-keg is complete. What can stop this great country from blowing up in our faces?

Dramatis personae - in order of appearance

Barack Obama

Michael Milken

Princess – a local girl

Barack’s mother

Jack Daw and John Raven - lawyers

Poor man/woman

George Dubya – former US president

Ben (Hen) Bernanke – chairman of the Federal Reserve

Neel Kashkari – assistant Treasury secretary

Jamie Dimon – a banker

Y – another banker

Z – third banker

Hillary Clinton


Princess – the giant’s daughter

Goldman Sachs bankers

David Cameron – British prime minister

Francois Hollande – President of France

Angela Merkel – chancellor of Germany

Vladimir Putin – president of Russia

The rating agencies – S&P, Moody’s and Fitch

Christine Lagarde – head of the IMF

The show - September 2014